Production Notes - Release Edition V1.5

In addition to a new colour scheme, this version sports sound effects, animated vector graphics which automatically scale to any resolution, and simple tracking.

Following the child's introduction to categories above a thousand, the large bead frame can be used to extend basic addition and subtraction mastered on the small bead frame up to the millions, and then teach long multiplication (two-four digit multiplier). Unlike the real Montessori bead frame, this one has an unlimited undo/redo memory, and was our first material to incorporate microchecking in multiplication mode, whereby the computer helps the child by illustrating the next step if a calculation is completed successfully. The calculation limit is 9 999 999.

Clicking the operand toggles between addition, subtraction and multiplication. The material is most powerful in multiplication mode, which has been set to the default value in this version.

Children may use the multiplication tables they have memorized already or can repeatedly add multiples of beads while skip counting aloud. i.e. "three, six, nine, exchange, twelve". Narrating the process is also a useful exercise, such as "five times five hundreds is twenty five hundreds, so add three hundreds, exchange, two more hundreds, and twenty hundreds - two thousands".

The real value of the large beadframe is in reinforcing multiplication tables while demonstrating the new concept of long multiplication, i.e. a multiplier with more than one digit.

Usually the child doesn't note the product generated by each multiplier digit (the partial product) separately until he/she has used the frame for a long time. With a real Montessori large bead frame you could clear it after each partial product, but in this version the microcoaching intelligence accumulates the sum of the products continuously.

Auto-exchange, whereby the frame automatically exchanges groups of ten is not recommended unless the child is fully capable of exchanging normally. A simpler question in this case is what is required, rather than too much help. It is a powerful time saver, though, once the concept is understood.

Known Issues:
Going back and forth with undo/redo sometimes produces inaccurate tracking, but the frame corrects itself after one step.
We have eliminated the answer button--the beadframe checks itself continuously for the answer and plays a sound when the answer is found.
It also now tracks the accumulated score in each operation, between sessions, and in total.

Illustrative Video